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Acquisition of Golden Falcon Corp. Announces Underwriters’ Workout
Acquisition of Golden Falcon Corp. Announces Underwriters’ Workout

Acquisition of Golden Falcon Corp. Announces Underwriters’ Workout

Golden Falcon Acquisition Corp. (NYSE: GFX.Uat (the “Company”) has today announced that it is closing its original, 34,500,000 units public offering, which included full use of the over-allocation option for the underwriters. The price per unit was $10.00, creating a net operating profit of $345 million. The units are listed on the NYSE and traded under the ticker symbol “GFX.U.” Each unit consists of one shared share of Class A and half a payable pledge. The holder of any warranty is entitled to buy one share of common class A stock for $11.50/share.

After separate securities are entered into on the Class A shares and warrants, the symbols “GFX” and (NYSE: GFX.U)are to be entered into NYSE respectively. It was created to carry out a merger, share swap, purchase of assets, stock procurement, reorganization or related company combines with one or more firms or organizations, and is headed by Makram Azar and Scott Freidheim. While the Company can seek an initial commercial combination with any target enterprise and in any sector or region, it aims to concentrate its quest on technology, media, telecommunications and fintech companies.

The Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) submitted the registration statement concerning these securities and came into force on 17 December 2020. This press release does not constitute an offer to sell or an offer to buy; neither is there any selling of such securities in any state or jurisdiction that would be illegal before registration or certification under the securities legislation of any of these States or jurisdiction to sell, solicit or sell such securities.

Acquisition of Golden Falcon Corp.

The Corporation is a wholesaler established to conduct a merger, share swap, acquisition of securities, purchasing of stocks like at nyse vgac ws at, reorganization or related joint enterprise through one or more entities. Whilst the Organization has an initial mix objective for each market or industry, it plans to target businesses in Europe, Israel, the Middle East or North America in the telecommunications, internet, telecoms, and fintech sectors. The Business is headed by Makram Azar, Chief Executive Officer, and Scott Freidheim, Chairman.

It cannot be ensured that the above bid is fulfilled in compliance with the conditions mentioned, or at all, or that the net proceeds of the offer are used as specified. Promotional claims are subject to various requirements, all of which are outside the Firm’s influence, including the terms of the Company Registration Statement in the risk factors section and a preliminary offers prospectus sent to SEC.

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